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Author Stephen Yafa Speaks!

HeadlineArtwork1Stephen Yafa is coming to Austin to speak.
Versatile author Stephen Yafa has written, produced and directed in a wide range of formats. His book “Big Cotton” explains “how a humble fiber created fortunes, wrecked civilizations, and put America on the map”. His most recent book, Grain of Truth, explores our addiction to food fads and separates out fact from fiction about wheat and gluten—the latest victims of overwrought health-related hyperbole. In both books, he traces the history of these commodities by describing how they changed how we live, contrasting the rewards we’ve gained with the price we’ve paid as we’ve perfected our ability to commercialize plants for the general population from field to factory to consumer.
In addition to his non-fiction, Stephen has written screenplays for MGM, Columbia, Paramount and other major Hollywood studios. As a young novelist he wrote Paxton Quigley’s Had The Course, and as a playwright his work has been produced nationally at theaters including ACT in San Francisco, the Magic Theater, and on public television, among other venues; as a magazine writer he has been a frequent contributor to Playboy and magazines that include Details, American Heritage and Rolling Stone.
He also created and edited the online weekly wine magazine, Uncorked, for Nomad Editions in New York, and contributed the lead story in the recent non-fiction book, Adventures in Wine from Travelers Tales. 
A graduate of Dartmouth College, with an MFA from Carnegie-Mellon, he is married with three grown children and lives in Marin County, CA.

Come hear about this fascinating fiber and socialize with fiber friends. Reception afterwards!