Austin Fiber Artists

Current Board Members

Lori Bier

President: Lori Bier

LLori has been sewing, knitting, crocheting, tatting, embroidering, macrame-ing, and weaving since grade school (quilting came later in life- in junior high).  She considered a career in fabric design but played it safe and went into computing instead.  Now after many decades, she is taking the path not traveled and spends her time painting silk with dyes and making belly dance costumes.  She finds the Austin Fiber Artists group to be a perfect opportunity to continue learning fiber arts techniques. If you have any questions about our organization, or want to contact our President, just send an email to:

Marinda Stewart

2nd VP (Workshops)

Mary Macaulay and Marinda Stewart

The position arranges our monthly meeting program as well as works with our workshop coordinator to feature workshop leaders.  

Margaret Swoboda


Margaret Swoboda

The person in charge of membership maintains the membership records, processes member applications and represents the organization to potential members, explaining the benefits that joining the Austin Fiber Artists provides.


Sue Foss


Sue Foss

The position  disseminate AFA information to the AFA website, events calendar, workshop calendar, twitter feed, Facebook posts and the group’s newsletter

Anita Mester

Treasurer & Newsletter

Anita Mester Please provide Anita with any information that should be included in the Austin Fiber Artist’s monthly Newsletter.


Melissa Pelez

1st VP (Programs)

Melissa Pelez

The position arranges our monthly meeting program as well as works with our workshop coordinator to feature workshop leaders.  

Patricia Day

Secretary Historian

Patricia Day

This role compiles the board meeting notes and also the general business meeting notes from the monthly meeting. They also work with other members to record a visual history of the group and related events.

Meg Wilson


Meg Wilson

This role ensures that all our Board and general business meetings follows the Roberts Rules of Order.

Juliann Krute 02

Member At Large – Community Service

Juliann Krute

The Member at Large in charge of community services seeks ways that the Austin Fiber Artists can contribute to the greater Austin area’s needs.  Since one of our missions is education, we frequently provide fiber arts kits and supplies.  We also apply our skills and resources to community problems and needs, such as sewing comforting blankets and useful accessories. Contact her at

MWelschMember at Large Venues:

Marie Welsch

The position coordinates exhibits for our group.  If you have ideas, please contact Marie.


Diane Barney

Members at Large

 Hospitality – Diane Barney

Hospitality @ Austin Fiber Artists

This role works with guests and members during our monthly meetings.  If you have a question about the monthly program she can help you.


Members at Large- Northern Meeting Coordinator

Amy Nelson and Julian Krute

This role leads the northern satellite meeting at Baca Center Round Rock.