Austin Fiber Artists

Round Rock Meetings - AFA North!

My town hall meetings are with friends and neighbors, fellow Americans. We engage. —Sheila Jackson Lee

AFA Now Meets Monthly in Round Rock!

The Northern Satellite meeting is held on the second Tuesday of the month in Round Rock.  AFA members are welcome to attend either or both meeting(s).
Meet in the Art Room of the Baca Center at 301 W Bagdad Ave, Round Rock.  There is parking under the building toward the back. There is an elevator to the ground floor. There is also parking on Bagdad, and the entrance is on the EAST side of Baca.  Note: the McConico building is located EAST of Baca, to help give a sense of direction.

April – Beth Nelson shares her fiber arts journey, bringing works done in various media to share with us.  She is currently a prolific quilter, but she didn’t start out there…..

May – Marie Welsh will demonstrate a technique (more soon)

June – NO MEETING- party south at Holy Cross Lutheran.  Bring your friends to this open house!

Northern Meeting History

March 2017- Painting with Dye Demo– Beverly Pedersen showed how she paints with dye on stretched silk fabric.

February 2017 – Fiber Art Name Badges – we had fun playing with fiber and making name badges for use at meetings.

January 2017 Metaphoric Zentangles with Donna Bone- we learned about the relaxing drawing technique of zentangles

December 2016 No meeting in Round Rock! The southern group hosts the year-end party.

November 2016 Speaker had to cancel but group shared their experiences at Houston’s quilt show.

October 2016 Sara Sharp: Using Unusual Tools to Make Marks- a shopping spree in the hardware store yielded wonderful artist’s tools! Sara showed us how she used them.

September 2016 Juliann Krute led a color theory/color play activity. We experimented with blending colors through pointillism.

August 2016 Lynne Brotman demonstrated deconstructive screen printing on fabric. We enjoyed a vivid demonstration of silk screening that took full advantage of the Baca art facilities (the sinks!)

July 2016 Ismael Cavazos – Pareidolia and Scribblism. Ismael Cavazos spoke on how he creates scribble patterns and colors in areas to create recognizable images. We had a chance to try it ourselves.

June 2016 PARTY IN ARTSPACE! The southern meeting group joined the northern group to hold an open house. Members wore their favorite piece of fiber art, socialized while playing fiber bingo, and had fun creating quilt squares using shiva oil stick crayons.

May 2016 We tried out a variety of hands-on activities with great results- fiber cloth, fusing, paper beadmaking.

April 2016 Lori Bier showed examples of belly dance costuming and explained the construction and embellishment of these highly glamour-engineered garments.

March 2016 Marie Welsch spoke about techniques for painting on fabric.   Attendees saw a sample of Marie’s work and explored using paints and various methods of applying paint and texture

February 2016 Marinda Stewart showed her beautiful punchneedle work and explained the history of the craft.

January 2016 Meghan Jones of the Breast Cancer Resource Center showed slides of wearable art from Art Bra Austin, a great way to combine fiber arts and charity.

December 2015 No meeting- the northern group joined the southern group for an end-of-the-year party and white elephant exchange.

November 2015 Juliann Krute led a mini-workshop on decorating folding silk fans with various media- inks, dyes, pencils, stamps…

October 2015 Dale Ricklefs led a mini-workshop on how to use oil-based paint sticks on cloth for surface design. We achieved rich results on sample blocks of fabric.

September 2015 Mini-workshop to make charming needle felted little pumpkins, for use as pin cushions or decorations, sponsored by Living Felt of Dripping Springs.

August 2015 Amy Nelson shared her lovely handmade dolls and spoke about learning the craft.

July 2015 Kick-off meeting: attendees were surveyed for their interests and suggestions for future meetings.

South March Meeting – Bev Pedersen on Art Critiques

Ever wonder what an art jurist is looking for or at? Washington silk artist Beverly Pedersen will talk about how to analyze artwork to determine strengths and weaknesses in order to make the work the best it can be. Bring a work-in-progress and hear some constructive feedback. About Bev: “Experimentation is not a form of art, it is a way of living!” Bev was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and studied art at the Pittsburgh Art Institute.  Then, in 1960, she moved to Palto Alto, California, where she studied with noted artists, Robert E. Wood, Jane Burnham, Jade Fon and Don Louthian.  She spent 1972 exploring Paris and studied at the Cass School of Art in London, focusing on anatomy and figure drawing.  In 1975, Pedersen found herself living in the Northwest where she opened a studio gallery in Federal Way, Washington.  Painting was set aside for family from 1979 through 1991, when she returned to painting and concentrated on watercolors and teaching until she discovered fiber reactive dyes on silk, which is her current preferred medium.  Beverly paints in oils, watercolors, acrylics and dyes on silk. Teaching art also doubles the...

North March Meeting – Bev Pedersen Silk Painting Demo

Washington silk artist Beverly Pedersen will demonstrate how she uses dyes to paint silk, achieving vivid watercolor-like images. She will lecture on design elements as she creates for us. You’ll learn about how to stretch the fabric and set the dyes after the image is created, but mostly you’ll have fun with an up-beat, positive...

February Meeting – Destash Sale + Make Fiber Art Name Badges

At both the north and south meetings, lots going on! Too many supplies? Tired of an old project? Studio or workspace out of control? Need more space for new supplies? Then clean out your studio and bring extra or unwanted supplies to sell at the next meeting. Please let us know if you will be needing a table. We will be making custom name badges. AFA will provide materials for you to use to create a cool name badge. AFA will also provide members names printed onto fabric to incorporate into your badges. Feel free to bring special items or materials for embellishments. Please let us know if you want your name printed on...

South January Meeting- SAORI with Laura Poll

Come hear weaver Laura Poll speak on the Saori art form. What is Saori? SAORI is a contemporary hand-weaving philosophy. SAORI is completely intuitive. There are no patterns to follow, no guidelines to abide by. Through the creative use of colors, textures, and materials, SAORI practitioners are encouraged to express themselves through their work, without fear of making mistakes or pressure to conform to the expectations of others. SAORI is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, skill-level, or physical ability. By using the most basic of weaving structures as a foundation, practitioners can begin weaving and creating within minutes of sitting at the loom. Each SAORI weaving is one-of-a-kind, as unique as the person who made it, and should be considered a work of art. The following slogans represent the SAORI philosophy and way of living. Consider the differences between a machine and a human being Be bold and adventurous Look out through eyes that shine Inspire one another, and everyone in the group About the speaker: Laura Poll is a textile artist and SAORI practitioner. She is a certified SAORI instructor and her studio is a member of the SAORI Global Network. She was introduced to SAORI in New York City, where she studied the SAORI philosophy under the guidance of Yukako Satone and members of her studio. Laura brings over 500 hours of in-studio, hands-on SAORI experience and training to her studio practice. She has also received extensive instruction and training in Osaka, Japan. She is recognized by the governing body that certifies SAORI instructors in Japan, a unique honor that few instructors outside of Asia...

December South Meeting – Annual End-of-Year Party

Time to celebrate another wonderful year full of fiber arts! We’ll have sweet and savory things to nibble while we socialize. We’ll have a gift exchange: wrap up a little fiber arts something; either one of your finished pieces or some intriguing materials. Enjoy yourself at the last meeting in...

South Meeting November- Emma Dietrich on Spider Silk Potentials

Humans have been harvesting spider silk for centuries! Known for its incredible strength and elasticity, possible uses for spider silk currently range from the manufacturing of bulletproof vests, to the suturing of wounds, to the fabricating of elegant ball gowns, and more. Hear speaker Emma Dietrich tell us about this fiber that doesn’t get much discussion. Emma Dietrich is a spider enthusiast and PhD student in the Department of Integrative Biology at UT...

South Meeting October- Malka Dubrawski Shares Her Techniques

Come hear Malka Dubrawski shares the processes and techniques that she utilizes, many of which she learned over the course of the over 20 years of patterning and dyeing fabric. Malka is the owner of A Stitch in Dye, her web site where she sells beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand dyed and patterned cotton fabrics, both quilting and apparel...