Austin Fiber Artists

A Pocket as Wearable Art

Sue Gilliam's Neck Pocket- reverse side

Sue Gilliam’s Neck Pocket- one side

Among the wonderful fiber arts that February speaker Sue Gilliam showed us was a ‘neck pocket’; a flat fabric pocket on a lanyard decorated like a necklace. It combined functionality (a place to put things when your outfit doesn’t have pockets) with fiber arts (a lovely bit of embroidery, embellishment and enrichment). These are great for you want to keep your hands free and not carry a purse or sack. Older women who use canes or walkers find them especially attractive: in addition to the functionality, they are conversation starters and attention getters. They can be put together quickly and are fun to do. They are one more reason why we fiber artists never ever throw a pretty scrap away!

Sue Gilliam's Neck Pocket- front Sue Gilliam’s Neck Pocket, other side