Austin Fiber Artists

AFA runs clothing repair clinic, partners Fix-it Austin, Financial Fitness Austin

It’s great when our fiber arts skills can really help our community. We succeeded in using our talents and materials at a clothing fix-it clinic at Ruiz Library and had fun doing it. Fix-it clinics are occurring around the country, motivated by the need to reduce land-fill waste. The City of Austin’s fix-it program is now partnering with organizations to hold these clinics, and the Austin Fiber Artists was the very first one to do so! See for more details about them.
Not only that, but we partnered with Financial Fitness Greater Austin because fixing things instead of throwing them away is a money saving activity. Financial Fitness Greater Austin occurs at the end of April every year, raising awareness of the importance of managing your money effectively.
For our clothing fix-it clinic, we reserved a room at the Ruiz library and signed up AFA members and fix-it community members to do the work. Attendees signed up for a time-slot so we would know the traffic flow and be prepared. Fixers brought their favorite supplies; there were several sewing machines in use through the afternoon. Additionally, buttons, thread, zippers, yarns, and more were contributed from people’s stashes.
We had 9 customers over the two-hour clinic and were able to fix everything they brought in. There were several zipper problems, hemming, holes and patching. Someone’s satchel seams needed restitched and a down comforter’s tear was repaired. Several sweaters had holes that were closed or reknitted. The most interesting item was a guatamalan woven shirt that had construction problems; we resewed the seams to straighten them.
It was a pleasant afternoon and we met nice people. Marie met up with an old friend she hadn’t seen in a while. Thanks to our members Diane, Naomi, and Marie for attending. I hope to see the other fixers at a meeting some time soon.