Austin Fiber Artists

AFA Trunk Show 2018!

*Get Into the Trunk In 2018!     March 30th due date*

We have received our first request to present the AFA trunk show to the Main Street Quilt Guild in Round Rock this summer…but right now there’s not enough pieces in the trunk. Make contributing a piece for the AFA trunk show your first fiber arts action for 2018. You can make something new or select something from your existing works.

Criteria for participation:

 * *_TYPE_: one work per artist of anything that’s fiber art. It must be robust enough to survive handling by people showing and viewing  the works.
 * *_SIZE_: it must be small enough to fit in a 22″ x 12″ x 10″ rolling bag. The work can be folded if it doesn’t cause damage.
 * *_PACKING_: it must either be pack-able among other works or have a protective sleeve or soft/small case.
 * *_COMMITMENT_: expect your work to live in the trunk for one year or  til sold, whichever is shorter.

For the piece you’ve chosen:

 * *_CONTACT INFO:_ give your name, phone number, email address and  mailing address.
 * *_TITLE_: give the title of the piece. If the title is not also on  the piece, describe the piece so it can be identified from among the  others.*
 * *_STORY: _provide a paragraph or two on the piece’s materials and  construction as well as your inspiration and intentions. Tell what you like about it. Share your passion for fiber art!
 * *_DATE_: tell us what year you completed the piece
 * *_HISTORY_: if you’ve shown it publicly before, where has it been seen?
 * *_SALE PRICE_: you can set a sale price or make it Not For Sale. If  sold, AFA will take a 20% commission.
 * *_DELIVERY_: by March 30th  to Marie Welsh or Lori Bier at meetings or by special arrangement.

We will collect works until the trunk is full. If space becomes available from sales, we’ll put out a call for works.

Questions or concerns?
Email Lori Bier at or Marie Welsch at