Austin Fiber Artists

South Austin Oct. 17th – Boro Explained

Boro Explained

If you’ve been wondering what all the hype is about come to the AFA South meeting on October 17!

Hint: SASHIKO刺し子is the quilting work in Boro pieces

We’ll start with a short lecture and visual presentation by AFA member Naomi, then you will become further acquainted with Japanese Aesthetics, Boro and Sashiko(also Koginzashi , Hishizashi). You will be introduced to the:
> Symbolism in some traditional Sashiko design motifs and see how they have evolved over time.
> Techniques to use in drafting a traditional Sashiko patterns.

Then we’ll have show and tell followed by a hands on Sashiko lab. You will leave with a sampler that will double as a coaster once completed. The pre-drafted patterns for fabric sampler and all the implements we’ll need will be provided. However, if you have useful items on hand please bring them:
> a straight edge, snips, sashiko needles (size 7 or 8 Crewel needles) needles, pattern transfer paper,
> sashiko thread or 100% cotton embroidery floss, heras, compasses, protractors, drafting paper
>or any heavily starched single flat weave woven cotton fabric.
> Traditionally embroidery hoops were not used for Sashiko but if you like using them please bring one.

If you already have experience with Sashiko you might want to work on a free form piece; or we can discuss complex pattern design.
If you have made or own pieces of Sashiko or Boro please bring your work to show to the group!