Austin Fiber Artists

Cyanotype Workshop 4/18/20 with Susan Axel Bedsaul

We’ll be learning the process of making cyanotype prints and practicing on two different images. Susan Axel Bedsaul, a fiber artist who has won awards for her cyanotype pieces, will be leading a group of up to 8 people in Lori’s home studio in north central Austin (Steck x Burnet).

When: Saturday, April 18th from 10:00 to 2:30. We’ll break for lunch; bring yours or zip around the corner to one of the many restaurants in the area.
How much? $35, which includes materials
What will be learned? An overview of the process, including identification of the products needed and the options possible.
Multiple ways to create the image mask:
– with small, found objects,
– by making cut-outs of scrap paper,
– by scratching designs on prepared film, or
– by using a pre-printed mask.
We’ll do hands-on creation of cyanotype mask using these items.
The provided prepared film can be scraps of Susan’s ‘film negatives’ projects or film sheets of solid black to experiment with sgraffito. If you send a high-contrast digital photos ahead of the workshop, she can make a pre-printed mask for you.
We will print the cyanotype images on paper or textile. You will prepare the media for a print on-site.

The plan is for everyone to create two cyanotypes during the workshop. Textiles will be provided but you can bring your own natural-fiber taxtiles. Lightly textured works, tight or looser weaves work, pale colors could be interesting.