Austin Fiber Artists

Apply for a AFA Scholarship

Austin Fiber Artists Scholarships

Austin Fiber Artists in 2013 started a new scholarship program. Each year as a part of our commitment to the Austin community, we are setting aside funds dedicated to this scholarship.

The scholarship is open to all fiber artists in all fiber related disciplines.

There are two main purposes of the scholarship. First it is geared to assist fiber artists who want to be a part of our community but can not currently afford paying for membership. Secondly it is for fiber artists who want to participate in one of our offered workshops. Since workshops are currently limited to AFA members, a scholarship application may be submitted for the cost of membership as well as the cost of a upcoming workshop. Scholarships can be for the full cost of membership or a partial coverage for membership or workshops.

Artists may nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else.

Because of the sensitive nature of the artists situation, awarded scholarships will only be announced to the artist and not to other AFA members or the general public. The scholarships application will only be reviewed by a limited group (2 members) of the AFA board members.

To be considered for a membership scholarship or a workshop scholarship, AFA Scholarship Form and submit it to the address on the form.