Austin Fiber Artists

May South Meeting – Melissa Knight Batik

Melissa Knight will talk about the batik process, and bring some examples of the layering techniques she uses to get her color pallet for collage and weaving. She will talk about her journey with batik and collage. She will also talk about becoming a working artist as well as her recent work and focus on community projects including Interwoven and the Community Mosaic Project (happening currently).

How she got started with batik:
“I found my way to batik through poetry. I was invited to display one of my poems at a group art exhibition and was looking for a creative way to display my poem. Someone suggested creating a batik banner. I had no idea what batik was, so I set out to explore what it was and I instantly fell in love! I have been making batik ever since (for over 20 years now)! I began making collage through design. On one occasion I made a design in the fabric but the design wasn’t very strong. However, I saw potential in this beautiful, bright, colorful fabric and I began making collage designs. I found that collage suited my style which was initially pretty rudimentary. I have developed my style over the years and one of the things I love the most is discovering shapes and patterns that develop naturally in the wax/dye process. These shapes and patterns often guide the design process for me! Along with the layering process in batik, collage is also a process of layering. It seems that batik and collage make a good match! This quote from Georgia O’Keefe really resonates with me, “I found that I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.”

Melissa Knight