Austin Fiber Artists

Round Rock Sept. 11 Meeting

The Northern satellite of AFA will be starting a project that will span the next 3 meetings. We’ll be exploring the possibilities of combining fabric and paper, paint and stitch to make a simply constructed, but oh-so-complex looking book from a single sheet of water color paper. Contact Amy Nelson for more details  

September Meeting:  SSP Book 1: Building your Foundation
1 sheet of Hot-Press watercolor or mixed media paper at least 11″x15″.  You want a moderately stiff paper with a smooth finish.
Craft paints: black, white, 2 analogous colors + 1 contrasting color.
2 1″ or smaller paint brushes
2 sheets of fun foam (1 with an adhesive back) OR thin cardboard and double-sided tape
Newsprint or scrap paper to cover your table.
We will get 2-3 layers of color on your foundation, make stamps from your foam/cardboard and use them to add marks, and use stencils (provided by Amy) to add additional marks